The meeting point of Internet Service Providers

In its third edition, RTI Internet Service Providers Conference aims at the discussion on new access technologies, regulation, revenue generation with new value-added services and opportunities in the broadband market.

The telecom market has a huge potential of growth in Brazil. There are many opportunities to be part of this industry and increase your sales, expand your customer base, introduce new technologies and establish important partnerships.

Attendees profile:

  • Directors/ISP owners
  • IT Analysts
  • Engineers
  • Computer analysts
  • Infrastructure managers
  • Service providers (designers, installers, system integrators)
  • Consultants

Major focus areas for 2015:

  • FTTH – Fiber to the home
  • Optical access technologies (GEPON and GPON)
  • Licenses and regulations from Anatel
  • Links of digital radios and WiFi offload
  • DDoS – denial of attack of service
  • Network management
  • Infrastructure sharing
  • IEEE 802.11ac for access networks
  • IPTV and video on demand
  • Financing lines for providers

Floor Plan

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